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Welcome to The Kandle Shop, where natural meets sensational! Our handcrafted plant-based products with Phthalate-free fragrance oils are the perfect solution for those seeking a safe and healthy experience. Discover your new favorites as you browse our collection of non-toxic ingredients. Owned and operated by a proud Latina woman, Zoraida, The Kandle Shop is nestled in the heart of Michigan. Inspired by family, we offer a scent-sational experience that will capture your heart just like it did ours. Our love for candles and body products began with a desire to make our house smell amazing, but our son experienced headaches every time we lit a candle. Determined to find a solution, we embarked on a mission to create a natural, clean-burning candle that the whole family can enjoy. And that's how The Kandle Shop was born! Indulge in delightful scents without the worry of harmful chemicals. It's an absolute pleasure to make your acquaintance!

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